How do I change my username?


How do I change my username?


It's a simple process to update your username through the Depop app.

  1. Tap Profile.png  > Settings_1x.png >  Profile Username
  2. Enter your new username
  3. Check it over to make sure you’ve spelled it correctly, then tap Save


Things to remember:

  • Your username must be at least three characters long

  • Don’t use special characters, symbols, capitals or spaces

  • You can’t use a username that’s already in use. To check, try and search for your @username on the app

  • Once you change your username, you can't change it again for 30 days


Can’t change your username in the app?


If you recently changed some of your Depop details, you may not be able to change your username in the app. You’ll need to get in touch with us to request the change.

  • Submit a request under Account > I want to change my username as the issue.
  • You'll need to confirm:

- The email address linked to your Depop account

- Your current Depop @username

- Three options for your new @username, in order of preference.


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