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In order to get free shipping on bundles, sellers will need to go to the "shop" icon under shop settings and toggle on the option for Bundle Discounts. This means a buyer will get free shipping if they purchase two or more items at the same time from you.

We recommend you turn this preference on to improve your chances of selling bundles 

For US sellers you have the option to list with our USPS labels or to arrange your own shipping so this can affect bundles in different ways. 


Bundle discounts on shipping

If you have the free shipping toggle ON, you will be charged for the USPS label if in app shipping is selected. 
If you have the free shipping toggle OFF, the buyer will pay the shipping cost for either shipping option. 


If you sell a bundle in which all items have in app shipping selected

We give you one USPS label to cover all the items. E.g if it's a 2 item bundle, and both items were listed as small package size, we'll give you a medium label. This is to ensure you receive a label that is big enough to send your bundle.


If you sell a bundle with a mix of in app shipping and your own shipping

We give you one USPS label to cover all the items in the bundle. How do we calculate the price and size of that label? 

  • We take the size and price of the label for the item that has USPS via Depop shipping selected.
  • We then look at the price you have set for the item that has manual shipping selected. Based on that price we select the USPS shipping label which is closest to that price. E.g. if your shipping price was set to $3 we select the parcel size which price is closest to $3, in that case that would be an XX-Small label for $4.49.
  • We then combine those two labels in one label. This works exactly the same as it would work if both items had ship with USPS via Depop selected. E.g. if one label was a Large and we determined that the item with manual shipping requires an Extra-small label, we would then give you an Extra-large label to cover both items.

How we charge our shipping label

If you have in app shipping selected on items sold in a bundle the cost of the label we give you to cover all items will be taken out alongside our Depop fees and be split across each of these fees. E.g. you have sold two items with Depop fees of $1 each and with a medium label for both at $7.99, you will have two Depop fees of $5 ($4 + $1). 


Shipping labels in receipts

As a seller, to view your shipping label if you have selected in app shipping, just go to your sold item receipts. It will be the same label on all receipts for items in a bundle so remember to ship your items together. 

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