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Don’t miss out. Now you can save your searches and get a daily alert when new items are listed that match your search. 

You can save up to 10 searches, with specific search terms and filter accordingly by adding size, brand, price etc to really tailor your search results. Just search as normal and to save your search result, simply click the star in the search bar to start receiving notifications of new items. It also means that when you next go to search, those searches will be right at the top ready to go. 



Got questions?  We'll do our best to answer them here. 


How many searches can I save ? 

You can save up to 10 searches at any one time.


Can I delete my saved searches? 

Yes, you can delete your search if you no longer wish to receive notifications about your search or you're no longer interested in it. You can do this two ways, you can either swipe left on your saved search which will show when you start typing in the search bar. The other option is to click the star in bold in the search bar and confirm by clicking delete when looking at your items from your saved search 


Can I edit my saved searches?

Not right now. If you want to edit your saved search, you will need to delete the existing search and start again. 


When do I receive notifications?

You will receive one alert daily for all of your saved searches. 


Can I change the frequency or timing of notifications?

You can't currently change how often you receive notifications or when you receive them.


How do I turn off notifications?

You can turn off push notifications for all of your saved searches

Using iOS?

  • Go to Settings Settings_1x__1_.png > Preferences > Scroll down to Notifications
  • Push notifications > Toggle off Saved searches

Using Android?

  • Go to Settings > Scroll down to Notifications
  • Push Notifications > Toggle off Saved searches

If you have any saved searches, even if you turn off push notifications, you will still see a notification with your daily update in your notifications feed and this cannot be turned off. 


Can I get notified by email?

Not yet!


Why I am receiving notifications saying there’s new items, but I don't see them when I click through from my notification?

We currently notify you of all new items worldwide, however depending on your location, you might not be able to see items outside of your country. Read how search results work on Depop.


Why am I seeing a red dot indicating new notifications, but don't see them in the notifications screen?
If you are having this issue, updating to the latest app version will fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience!



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