Community Guidelines

Depop is all about you – and we want to make sure you have the best experience possible on the platform. To help you make the most of Depop, here are some community guidelines to empower you, allow freedom of expression and keep you safe. These Guidelines form part of the Depop Terms of Service. 

  • Keep it positive
  • Make all purchases in-app
  • Be respectful



Bullying and harassment 

We love our Depop community and champion equality and individuality. One thing we won't tolerate is discrimination, harassment or abuse of any kind.

This includes negative or offensive comments on gender, race, ethnicity, background, religion, sexual orientation or disability. We aim to keep the app safe, inclusive and respectful. There's no place for bullying, harassment, body shaming, threatening messages or sexual advances on the app. We take a zero tolerance approach to any of this kind of behaviour. Accounts promoting, encouraging or distributing sexually explicit or pornographic content will be banned. Users engaging in hate speech, abuse, harassment, inappropriate messages or requests will be taken action against. If you come across any of this behaviour, report them to us by clicking the three dots (...) at the top right of their profile and selecting Report. We’ll step in and deal with it for you. If you see someone else being subjected to this behaviour, please encourage them to report the user. You can also block a user on their profile, using the three dots and selecting Block.

Threats of violence

  • Much like harassment, we have zero tolerance for threats of violence towards another user. This can include death threats, scare tactics and hate speech.
  • Don’t use someone’s personal details to threaten them, or share these details publicly in any situation.
  • We don’t allow the promotion of self-harm, including self-injury or eating disorders. If you’re seeking help, please get in touch with someone from the Support Team at Depop.


  • We will remove any illegal items and/or sellers associated with items such as drugs, weapons and counterfeit (fake) items. You can see all our prohibited items here.
  • We have zero tolerance when it comes to offering sexual services, or communicating in a sexually explicit manner towards anyone.

Buy and sell safely

  • If a user suggests you can get an item cheaper or faster by paying out of app – say no. You could end up without the item and without the money you sent.
  • In the UK and US, transactions made within the app through Depop Payments are 100% secure and covered by Depop Protection. Outside of the UK and US, you can use PayPal to checkout and are automatically covered by PayPal Buyer Protection.
  • ‘Avoiding the Depop fee’ is a bad suggestion for both users. It means we can’t help you if something goes wrong.
  • Swapping or trading items with another user must always be for the full value of the item. For example, if you want to swap your Supreme tee for a Palace jumper, you still need to use the buy button for the full value. Agreeing to send these privately without a transaction on Depop means you are not protected if the other person doesn’t send the item.

Keep it honest

  • Keep your listings honest and accurate. 
  • Original photos are key. Good photography will help your item sell faster. Only use images that you own and therefore have the right to post. Stock imagery or footage is not permitted – learn more here. 
  • We have zero tolerance for impersonation. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Don’t steal other users’ listings and pretend they’re your own, or attempt to deceive users about your identity. 
  • Using keywords and tags may feel like the best way to get items sold – but irrelevant hashtags mean your item won’t show up in search results. This means there’s a lower chance of them being seen and selling.
  • Don’t spam. This includes writing multiple comments on other users’ items or sending multiple messages asking users to buy. This can result in your account being suspended.

 Help us keep Depop safe 

Found something you think doesn’t meet these guidelines? Report them to us. Click on the 3 dots (...) at the top right of a listing or user profile. We review every report and will always take the appropriate action.


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