Resolution Centre as a Buyer

If you haven’t received an item you purchased (and paid with Depop Payments), you can raise an issue directly with the seller.

To raise an issue go to Profile.png > Settings.png > Resolution Centre > Select the purchase you need help with

Before you raise an issue, make sure that you’ve given the seller at least 5 days to get your item shipped, and have tried to contact them through Depop messages for updates.

When raising an issue, you can request tracking information or ask for a refund. Once you’ve raised an issue with a seller you’ll need to wait for them to respond with a resolution.This could be by supplying tracking information, offering a refund for your purchase or offering an alternative solution.

What if I paid with PayPal?
If you have an issue with an item you purchased with PayPal then you’ll need to open a dispute directly on PayPal in order to request a refund for your item. If you’ve been through the PayPal dispute process and still need a hand, then you can contact our Support team for some help.


What if I can’t come to a resolution with the seller?

If you and the seller aren’t able to come to a resolution you’ll be able to escalate the issue to the Depop Support team to review and they will take steps to resolve it.


Once the issue is escalated, Depop may contact you for more details and you’ll receive email updates to keep you in the loop as we review the issue. You'll need to respond to Depop Support within the requested timeframes, or risk your claim being closed. Learn more about escalations.


If the seller disagrees with the raised issue they will be able to offer an alternative solution to get the issue resolved. As a buyer, you will then have the option to accept the solution or reject it and escalate the issue to Depop.


If the seller isn’t responding within 7 days from when the issue was first raised then the transaction will be automatically refunded to the buyer.

What if my item isn’t as described?

If you’ve received your item and it is significantly not as described then you can report this to the Depop Support team. To report this through the app:

  • Tap Profile.png > Settings.png > Need Help? > Buying > My Purchase > Then select your purchase and the relevant issue

If you're struggling to report this to us through the app then reach out to our Support team. We'll need you to send over photos of the item/s you received so we can handle the dispute.

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