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Updated, 15 February 2024


At Depop we have our Community Guidelines in place to help you make the most of Depop. They empower you, allow freedom of expression and keep you safe. These Guidelines form part of the Depop Terms of Service.

As a part of keeping the community safe and the platform secure for all users, we might be required on occasion to take action on your account. In these instances we will send you a notice if we believe you have breached our Terms of Service


How we review and take action on your content or account:

We employ a combination of automated processes and/or human reviews conducted by our dedicated team to detect and address breaches of our Terms of Service, infringements and policy violations on our platform. Our machine learning tools play a pivotal role in this process, analysing images, listings, and user interactions to identify specific behaviours or content that may breach Depop's terms and policies. Where the process is automated, our machine learning tools can detect and remove the infringing content and take appropriate enforcement action. At other times, the machine learning tools will send content to our agents for human review and to make a decision. The same policies and enforcement actions apply to your content, whether the process was automated or not. 

Depending on the severity of the infringement as well as the number and type of previous violations, the resulting action ranges from issuing an account warning and content removal to permanently banning an account from the platform. If you want to contest a decision made about your account or content, we have in place our appeals process to ensure that you can obtain human intervention. This process is described in more detail below.


Content infringements:

In cases where we have had to remove your listing or other content you posted on Depop, or take action on your Depop account based on removal of a listing or content you posted, you will receive a direct link via email to appeal the action we have taken.  The link in each email is unique, so it’s important you click on the correct one to submit your appeal to us.


Other infringements:

For all other issues or infringements (such as those listed below), you can submit a request for appeal here. Examples of these issues and infringements include:

  • Disputes between buyers and sellers 
  • Chargeback disputes against Depop
  • Instances where we remove inaccurate feedback


Appeals process:

Once we receive your appeal request, and any additional information or evidence you submit as part of the appeal, it will be reviewed by a person from our team and will result in one of the following outcomes:

  1. We override the decision and any listing or account affected by our original decision will be reactivated.
  2. We deny the appeal because the original decision has been deemed correct and Depop still considers that you have breached our Terms of Service. 
  3. We override the decision but, due to other outstanding infringements, the requirements for account reactivation have not been met.
  4. We accept that the original decision was incorrect but we deny the appeal because the item or account remains in breach of our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines for different reasons. You will receive a separate email notifying you of the newly recategorised infringement. 

We will notify you by email once we’ve taken one of the above actions, to explain our decision. Once we’ve reviewed and actioned an appeal, this will be our final decision.

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