Nudity Policy

We work hard to keep Depop a safe and inclusive space for users to buy & sell unique fashion. We appreciate that nudity can be a form of self expression and art but we also want to make sure that the content shared on Depop is appropriate for all members of our community.

This is why we have strict policies that forbid nudity. Depop will act on any content containing nudity that contravenes our Community Guidelines. This includes imagery both in listings and in profile photos.

Prohibited imagery includes, but is not limited to:

  • Full nudity
  • Semi-nude imagery
  • Visible genitalia
  • Uncovered breasts and/or nipples
  • Concealed nudity (for example, someone is nude but covering their breasts, nipples or genitalia with an object)
  • Completely uncovered buttocks
  • Pornographic imagery
  • Artwork or photography containing explicit and/or graphic depictions of genitalia, depiction of sex acts and/or erotic activity.
  • Artwork or photography depicting nude minors

To protect the safety of our users under the age of 18 we have stricter nudity policies in place. For this reason, for users or models between the ages of 13 and 17, our nudity policy prohibits the sharing of any content or imagery of you wearing any of the following items:

  • Sheer, mesh or semi-opaque clothing
  • Lingerie or other undergarments
  • Fetish clothing or erotic costumes
  • Swimwear

The following content is allowed:

  • Educational or historical materials with social, historical, artistic or political value that contain nudity, if and only if the person depicted in the material is clearly an adult
  • Craft products and/or accessories that depict artistic or scientific impressions of breasts or genitalia, if and only if the person depicted in the artwork is clearly an adult
  • Artworks or photography which contain non-pornographic, non-graphic nudity, if and only if the person depicted in the artwork is clearly an adult and there are no visible genitalia, for example:
    • A painting of a nude model reclining on a bed or chaise longue
    • A drawing or sculpture of a nude model standing alone
    • Drawings, paintings, sculptures or photography that include depictions of breasts and/or buttocks

If you have encountered content or behaviour which you believe breaks our Nudity policy on the app, please let us know by reporting the item or user through the app. We’ll investigate and take action in accordance with this policy.

To learn about how we moderate content at Depop, click here for more information. 

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