Sexually Inappropriate Content & Behaviour Policy

We work hard to keep Depop a safe and inclusive space for users to buy & sell unique fashion. We do not allow users to share content or engage in behaviour that is not appropriate for all members of our community, including the use of sexualised language, sharing explicit content or any other type of adult materials, or behaviour that may put other users at risk of harm.

Depop will act on any inappropriate and/or sexualised content or behaviour that contravenes our Community Guidelines. This includes content or behaviour on listings, in imagery, in direct messages or comments, or any other part of the app.

Prohibited content & behaviour includes, but is not limited to:

  • Advertising, requesting, offering or accepting the sale of sexual services or imagery
  • Commenting on the sexual or physical attractiveness of another user, including unwanted and/or unsolicited compliments
  • Engaging in sexualised conversations or discussions
  • Inappropriate contact with or conduct toward minors (or those perceived to be minors), including grooming or attempting to groom minors
  • Making inappropriate, sexualised requests of other users
  • Repeatedly contacting another user via unwanted, unsolicited messages or comments for non-transactional purposes
  • Making sexualised or flirtatious comments or approaches toward another user
  • Making inappropriate or suggestive comments or approaches toward other users
  • Repeatedly sending requests for other users’ contact details or social media handles
  • Requesting nude or semi-clothed photos of users
  • Requesting or instigating inappropriate contact with other users outside of the app for any reason
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sharing, uploading or advertising sexually suggestive or explicit content of another person without their consent, including making threats to share such content
  • Sharing, uploading or advertising pornographic or adult content
  • Sharing, uploading or advertising adult toys and sexual accessories
  • Sharing, uploading or advertising content which contains explicit or graphic nudity
  • Solicitation of any kind

If you have encountered content or behaviour which you believe breaks our Abuse, Bullying & Harassment policy on the app, please let us know by reporting the item or user through the app. We’ll investigate and take action in accordance with this policy.

To learn about how we moderate content at Depop, click here for more information. 

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