How to report a listing

We encourage everyone on Depop to remain friendly, fair and kind when interacting with other members of the community. We don’t tolerate inappropriate behaviour on our platform, and you shouldn’t have to either.

If you have an issue with a listing you can report it to our Community Support team who will review what’s happened. If the item goes against our Community Guidelines we will take action and remove the item from the platform.


What items should I report?

If you see something that falls under our list of Prohibited and Restricted Items please report it. Our Community Support team will look into it and take any necessary action. This helps us make the Depop community a safer place for everyone.


How to report an item

  • Select “...” in the top right of the item page
  • Select “Report item”
  • Choose the category that is most relevant to the issue you’re reporting
  • You can then select a more specific reason from the second set of options. The description at the top of the page will show examples of items which fall under this category
  • A text box is available to help you provide details on why you’re reporting the item
  • If there isn't a Category which best describes the issue, choose "Something Else" and provide details in the text box to explain the problem
  • Press ‘Send’ once you’re ready to submit the report and you’ll receive a confirmation message in the app


What to expect once you’ve reported an item

Once you’ve reported an item, a member of our Community Support team will review what’s happened and take any necessary action. You won’t receive a response when you report an item, but rest assured the report will be reviewed and any items that go against our Community Guidelines will be removed from the platform.

If the item you’ve reported makes you feel uncomfortable, you can also block the seller so you don’t see any more of their listings. 

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