Resolution Centre as a Seller

If a buyer raises an issue for an item they bought from you, Depop will notify you. You can see issues buyers have raised with you in the app. (For Paypal transactions, you'll receive disputes via their Paypal Dispute Centre)

Once a buyer has raised an issue with you, it’s important to respond quickly and be as helpful as you can. Providing buyers with great customer service will impact your reputation as a seller and can make a difference to the reviews your buyers leave.


Will I be refunded the Depop fee if I refund the buyer?

If you resolve the raised issue by refunding the buyer then you will automatically be refunded the Depop selling fee once the refund has been processed.


Note: You’ll need to add a top-up card (debit or credit card) to your account before you can refund buyers who paid with Depop Payments. 


What if I disagree with the buyer?

If you disagree with the buyer you can let them know why through the Resolution Centre. They can then decide whether to accept or reject your explanation. If they accept, the issue will be closed, but if they’re not satisfied with the response they may escalate the issue to the Depop Support team who will then follow up via email. You will be required to respond to Depop Support within the timeframes stated, and Depop reserves the right to resolve disputes on behalf of sellers, which may include issuing a refund to a buyer on your behalf (in accordance with our Terms of Service).

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