Boosted Listings Policy

This policy is effective from 20 March 2024. This policy forms part of our Terms of Service.

By using Boosted Listings from the above date, you agree to this Boosted Listings Policy.

What is Boosted Listings?

Boosted Listings is our in-platform advertising service which enables you to promote or “boost” your listings on Depop.

Boosted listings are displayed prominently in search results on Depop’s website and mobile app. They feature in boosted tiles appearing throughout organic search results, which are tagged with a ‘boosted’ icon to distinguish them from other listings. We may also show boosted listings in other areas of our website and app, e.g. on  Homepage.

Learn more about how search works at Depop, and how you might improve your visibility in search here.


Who can use Boosted Listings?

Boosted Listings is available to all sellers on web, Android and iOS. However, if you are new to Depop, Boosted Listings will only be available for you to use 28 days after you sign up to Depop.

How to boost and unboost a listing

You can boost or unboost some or all of your listings by clicking “Manage listings” under the Profile tab. Learn more here.

Boosted listing sales

If a user views your boosted listing and purchases your item within 28 days, this is a boosted listing sale and you will be charged the boosting fee, as set out in the section below. “Viewing” your boosted listing means seeing your listing in a boosted tile, tagged with the ‘Boosted’ icon, on the Depop app or website. The user doesn’t need to have clicked into your boosted listing for it to count as a view.

You may stop boosting your listings at any time, but you will still be responsible for any charges incurred before you stopped boosting. For example, if a buyer views your listing while it is boosted, then purchases it within 28 days, you will still be charged the boosting fee even if you stopped boosting the listing after the buyer viewed it.

Note: When you boost a listing, your listing may still appear in organic search results. If a buyer purchases your item without viewing it as a boosted listing (e.g. if a buyer purchases your item directly from your shop, having not seen the listing featured in a boosted tile), then this will not count as a boosted listing sale and you will not be charged a boosting fee.

Boosting fees

Boosting fees become payable when the boosted listing is purchased, not when it is displayed as a boosted listing on our app or website, or when it is viewed or clicked on by users.

By boosting your listing, you agree to pay an 8% boosting fee on the item sale price and any shipping costs arising from you arranging your own shipping, if your item sells via a boosted tile, in addition to the selling fees and payment processing fees.

For example, if you are in the UK and your boosted item sells for £30 (including shipping costs), you will pay a total of £3.57 in fees, comprising:

  • 8% boosting fee - £2.40 (8% of £30)
  • 2.9% + £0.30 payment processing fee - £1.17

Note: Payment processing fees may vary based on your location and whether you are using Depop Payments or PayPal. You can learn more about fees and charges on Depop here

Any boosting fees applied to a sale will be shown on your receipt, in addition to the selling and payment processing fees. You can access your receipts via My Depop > Settings Menu > Depop Balance. . We’ll also send you an email with your receipt after every sale.


If we agree to refund a buyer because an item isn’t received or is not significantly as described, we will also refund all selling fees, boosting fees and payment processing fees to the seller

You can find out more about how Depop’s refund process works here.

Other terms and conditions

We might make changes to this policy from time to time. Depop also reserves the right to change the functionality of Boosted Listings at any time, including the variation of boosting fees, addition or removal of platforms, or termination of the service (in whole or part) at any time. We will notify you of changes to Boosted Listings or this policy if we believe they are material. By continuing to use Depop’s services, you agree to those changes.

Using Boosted Listings does not constitute an obligation on Depop's part to promote your listings in response to particular search queries, or at all. Depop can't guarantee that if a user views or clicks on a boosted listing that the related item will be sold.

The advertising services offered by Depop, as well as the look and feel of any type of advertisement, may change as our programs and platform evolve. You may be given the opportunity to participate in beta tests of other advertising services offered by Depop. Those beta services are subject to separate terms relating to your participation in that program, as well as our Terms of Service.

As always, all listings, including boosted listings, must meet Depop’s Terms of Service. Boosted listings may not include content that violates our Terms of Service or the intellectual property rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other personal or proprietary rights. If you violate Depop’s policies or any third party rights, you may lose your ability to boost listings on our platform and Depop reserves the right to take any necessary actions against your account under our Terms of Service

As set out in the Terms of Service, you are also responsible for ensuring that your listings comply with all applicable laws and regulations applicable in your jurisdiction.  

Depop reserves the right to reject or remove any boosted listing for any reason, in our sole discretion, including advertising that negatively affects our relationships with our users or business partners.

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