Depop Payments

What is Depop Payments?

Depop Payments lets sellers accept payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit and debit cards, and Klarna, powered by Stripe Connect. 

Depop Payments is a requirement in the US and UK and is currently only available in the UK and US.

Why Depop Payments?

  • Transactions stay in Depop: Feel confident knowing that all your transactions are securely contained within Depop.

  • Easier disputes and refunds: Easily handle any disputes or requests for refunds directly in Depop, through our dedicated Resolution Centre.

  • Simplified payouts: With Depop Payments, sellers will have payments sent directly to their bank account, making it easier to monitor and manage earnings. 

How to set up Depop Payments

When you start to list an item, you will be prompted to sign up to Depop Payments. Otherwise, if you haven’t set up Depop Payments yet, head to your sellers hub, where you’ll be prompted with a sign up window. Simply follow the instructions to get set up. 

How are my sales protected with Depop Payments?

You can read more about our seller protection here.

How do I get set up to receive my payouts?

In order to receive your payout you'll first need to ensure you have linked a valid bank account. This will require you to provide the full account details so we know where to send your payouts.

To link a bank account:

  1. Go to My Depop  (person icon bottom right of your screen))

  2. Click the menu icon to access Settings (top right)

  3. Click Depop Balance under Payouts

  4. Select bank account 

  5. Fill in your bank account details 

Your payout will be made up of any Depop Payments that become available at the same time, rather than being paid per individual sale.

If you’re still unable to receive your payouts, verify your Depop Payments account by providing your ID in the Payments tab.


When will I be paid?

Depending on which country you live in your payout schedules might differ.

To find more info about being paid out in the UK please click here.
To find more info about being paid out in the US please click here.

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