What is the Resolution Centre?

The Resolution Centre helps buyers and sellers resolve certain issues that may arise on Depop. Here, you can:


Right now, you can only report an item that hasn’t arrived in the Resolution Centre. If you’ve received an item that isn’t as described you’ll need to open a dispute with Depop directly.


What if the item was paid for with PayPal?
Issues with purchases made with PayPal are raised and resolved directly on PayPal.


If you want to raise an issue for a purchase you made with PayPal, you’ll need to do so on PayPal. (Depop has no direct access to, or visibility of PayPal transactions, so we can’t resolve PayPal disputes on your behalf. We can however give you advice and assistance where possible to help get your issue sorted.)

What does it mean when an issue is escalated?
When a resolution can’t be reached between a buyer and seller, the issue is escalated to Depop. This means our support team will look into it and make sure a fair resolution is reached.


How does Depop resolve an escalated issue?

Our support team will look into all of the information provided so far by the buyer and seller and get in touch by email (the email address registered to your Depop account) for details if needed. Make sure you respond to all communications within the stated timeframes; this will ensure matters can be resolved quickly and is one of the eligibility criteria for Depop Protection. Depop reserves the right to resolve disputes on behalf of sellers, which may include issuing a refund to a buyer on your behalf (in accordance with our Terms of Service).

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