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Selling safely on Depop

To sell safely on Depop, the 3 most important things to remember are: 

  • Only ever sell items directly through the Depop app or When you sell an item through Depop, you’ll automatically receive both an email from Depop and a notification in-app (via the bell icon in the top left corner of your profile page). You don’t need to take any further action to complete the sale. 
  • Never give out your personal information (i.e. email, phone number, card details or social media handles) to anyone on Depop. If someone sends you a message asking for your personal information, they may be trying to lead you off Depop, which could put you at risk. Depop will never ask you to confirm your personal details to complete a sale.
  • Once you've sent the item, make sure to add the tracking number to your in-app receipt. If you've chosen to use a Depop shipping label, this will update automatically.

Report any issues or concerns to Depop Support - and if you’re at all suspicious about another user, check out our advice


What should I avoid? 

  • Never give out any personal information to anyone on Depop - this includes your email, phone number, card details or personal social media
  • Don’t arrange in-person sales or collections
  • Never click on any links that you are sent by another user, within or outside of the app
  • Avoid entering your contact information in Bio or Listings
  • Don’t take payment outside of Depop’s checkout system - payment methods such as bank transfers, direct PayPal payments, Venmo or cash are unsafe, against terms and could leave you out of pocket
  • Avoid contacting any users outside of Depop - if anything goes wrong we may not be able to take any action
  • Don’t sell prohibited items - if you sell items on our prohibited items list, you won’t be eligible for Depop Protection. See our Terms of Service for full details

What else should I know? 

  • Describe and take accurate photos of the items you list
  • Use the address in your Depop sales receipt to ship your item
  • Keep your proof of shipping receipt or take a photo

To contact the Depop Support team, submit a request on our Help Centre. Depop does not currently offer customer service via chatbot.


Depop Payments

If your buyer paid using Depop Payments then you can ship your item straight away, your payment is protected and will be shown in your balance within the Seller Hub. Find more information on Depop Payments and how payouts work.


PayPal Verification

If your buyer paid through PayPal, you need to confirm your PayPal account is fully verified before you arrange postage.

As a first-time seller, it's important to ensure that your PayPal account is verified. PayPal may need you to add a funding source or confirm your email to be able to send you payments. Check which PayPal account you have linked to Depop and ensure this is fully set up.

Before you arrange shipping for your item, check your PayPal account for your payment. Make sure that your payment has completed and the funds are visible in your PayPal balance. When you have confirmed this, you're ready to get your item shipped out.

You can read more about the verification process here.

Having trouble locating your payment? Read here


Shipping  - Use Tracked Postage

Once you're ready to ship your item out, always make sure that you send your items with tracked shipping so that you’re covered if anything should go wrong. 

Have a look at our Shipping Guides:


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