How do I buy an item?

Seen an item you love or thinking about making your first Depop purchase? Here's some advice for checking out on Depop.


How do I buy on the Depop app?

If you've found an item and you're ready to check out, here's how:

  1. Select your item > Tap on the BUY button to add it to your bag
  2. Ready to checkout? Tap Bag.png
  3. Hit Checkout
  4. Review your Shipping Address to make sure it's correct
  5. Select your preferred payment method and pay for your item 
  6. Congratulations! You've checked out.
  7. We'll email you a receipt for your purchase and you can review your recent Depop Activity on your Profile (Profile.png > Receipts)
  8. Curious about what happens next?


How do I buy on the Depop website?

Using our website and found an item that you have to have? Follow these instructions when you're ready to buy:

  • Log into your Depop account
  • Open the item you'd like to purchase
  • Click Buy now
  • Confirm your Email and Delivery address
  • Select your preferred payment method and pay for your item 
  • You'll get an email from us to confirm your purchase and can view your purchased receipt through the app
  • Want to know what happens next?


How do I find items I want on Depop?

On Depop, shopping for your style is simple. Here are some tips to personalise your account and ensure that you're seeing items that represent your style.

  • Use our Explore feature to look through our curated feed of fresh items
  • Look at our Sellers to Watch feature to find interesting shops
  • Set up your Interests and sizes to get personalised recommendations in My DNA:
    • Go to Profile.png > Settings_1x.png > Select Interests and Sizes
    • Tap Add/Edit styles to choose styles you're interested in
    • Click Add/Edit brands to set up the brands you love
    • Tap Add/Edit sizes to customise your clothing and shoe sizes
  • Review and set up saved searches if you're searching for specific items
  • Look at your collection of liked and saved items

All purchases made using the BUY button have Buyer Protection should your item not arrive or not be as advertised. Depending on your method of payment you'll need to open a dispute with PayPal or Depop to start the claim process. 

Remember to always purchase through Depop directly to be eligible for Buyer Protection

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